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Supporting a Partner or Friend

You can be the support they need in unplanned pregnancy.

Be Part of The Decision

You've just learned that she might be pregnant, and you're likely experiencing a mix of emotions. It's natural to feel uncertain about how to navigate this decision. Your support is critical, but you may be unsure how to provide it. Many men think saying, "I'll support whatever you decide," is what their partner wants to hear. However, this can sometimes unintentionally convey the message that you don’t care or have little concern about the outcome. 


Here are three ways you can show support during the decision-making process:


  • Acknowledge Fears

Take the time to understand her fears and share your own. Being open about your concerns can strengthen your bond and communication. Offer a listening ear. Sometimes, having someone listen is all anyone needs to know someone cares. Be open to talking with her. She needs to hear from you. What do you want to do?


  • Offer Support

Assure her she's not alone and you're there to support her. Your presence and reassurance can make a significant difference. Don’t walk away. An unplanned pregnancy is hard on both of you, but don’t avoid the discussion. Avoiding it doesn’t make it go away. Don’t pressure her. Yes, you may have a definite opinion on how she should handle the situation, but you must work together.


  • Seek Reliable Information

Gather accurate information about your options from trustworthy sources. The right information will empower both of you to make informed choices.


Don’t walk away. An unexpected pregnancy is hard on both of you, but don’t avoid the discussion. Avoiding it doesn’t make it go away.

What to Expect

You might find yourself thinking, "This can't be happening to me!" or questioning why contraception didn't prevent pregnancy. It's important to recognize that every birth control method carries a risk of failure. When you're sexually active, pregnancy is a possibility.


We understand the value of making decisions based on facts. Here's what you can expect from us:


  • Pregnancy Confirmation

Home tests can be unreliable. We use a lab-quality pregnancy test administered by a medical professional.


  • Exploring Options

Our professional is available to answer any questions. Learn about the available options and how you can contribute to decision-making.


  • Understanding Gestational Age

Knowing how far along she is can impact abortion costs and decisions. We offer no-cost ultrasounds to determine how far along she is in her pregnancy.

Why Choose ChoiceCare

We know that each person’s situation is unique. We are here to listen, answer questions, and support you in any way we can.


Our services are available to anyone regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

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