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Abortion Recovery

Providing a safe place for women to talk about their abortion experience

I Had an Abortion

Whether you've recently undergone an abortion or it's been some time since your experience, your feelings matter, and so do you. If you have considered joining our support groups for some time or have just discovered our services, we are here to help guide you toward healing, wholeness, and personal growth.

Tell Us Your Story

Your story is unlike any other, and we recognize its uniqueness. We offer specialized support services created to help you process the details of your individual experience. We have cultivated a safe, supportive environment free from the haunting grip of judgment and assumptions that repel you. Here, you can liberate yourself from the burdens that weigh you down, confine your spirit, and erode your self-worth. Through the power of shared narratives and genuine empathy, you will experience a community that sees the depths of your struggles and walks alongside you.

We Have a Few Things in Common

While your personal story is unique, our group leaders share a similar experience and possess a profound understanding of the challenges you face daily. Our high-capacity leaders have encountered similar obstacles to what you are currently facing. They have harnessed what they learned through their group experience and now provide you with tools and knowledge that will empower you. Through their guidance, support, and deep understanding, you will learn to navigate the highs and lows of your healing experience. Together, we are created for community, and we believe that we are truly stronger and better together.

We Are the Authentic Community You've Been Searching For

In a world that can feel more divided with each passing day, experiencing a judgment-free community is a rare find. Our groups create a space where meaningful relationships flourish, allowing you to be holistically seen, heard, and understood. We understand that true healing thrives in the presence of those who have walked a similar path, and by joining our supportive community, you become an integral part of a collective community committed to personal growth and mutual support. Healing is an active journey that requires you to embrace vulnerability and engage in transformative work. 


Our community is a safe environment where you can freely express your authentic self, knowing you will be met with empathy and understanding. If you're tired of carrying the weight of your past in isolation, now is the time to live authentically free — join a group today.  It could be the most transformative decision you will ever make.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

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